DEC 2018 Meetup Summary

Tuesday, Dec 4, 2018| Tags: AI, Meetup, Projects, Nottingham

Finally, the summary of our catchup

For those who have missed the last meet-up, the slides are here.

Continuing the spirit of our previous meetup, there were three potential projects identified and discussed:

  1. Decentralised AI
  2. Practising a CNN implemenation on a cleansed Image Datasets (A Kaggle competition)
  3. Exploring Nottingham’s Open Datasets

Agreeing to the fact that Decentralised AI is a challenge that needs more focus and datasets, members were equally inclined in taking up both the other projects to ‘Practice what they’ve already learnt’/‘Apply new techniques’/‘Learn new aspects’. We will surely get back to ‘Decentralised AI’ in the future.

Project Localised-Kaggle

For those at with prior experience/knowledge on Machine Learning/Deep Learning. Kernels, Discussions on Kaggle further assist the team in exploring different implementations on Image processing networks.

More on Slack.

Project RTA

For those at the start of their ML and AI learning journey, why not join the #project-rta team (analysis of Nottingham Road Traffic Accident Data). We are assuming little or no prior knowledge to get involved in this project, and we will ease in with some data handling and analysis basics using Python. The project will increase in ambition over time, but for now, we are keeping it simple.

More on Slack.

Photos the Meetup are uploaded here

Looking forward to the Buzz on Slack. If still not on Slack, here is the Invite

We will set-up the next Meetup in 2nd Week of January 2019.

Have a nice break. Merry Christmas. New Year Wishes in super advance.